The process of mainstreaming disaster management requires ‘champions of disaster management’ in each department for which the most appropriate is to create virtual cadres in the respective departments and incrementally train the same individuals to prepare the plans and support the respective departments. This was taken up as a project and added to the State Disaster Management Plan 2016 as a five-year perspective. Government approved the creation of virtual cadre vide GO (Rt) No. 56/2017/DMD dated 25-11-2017 and virtual cadre is to be formed in 25 departments to ensure that the departmental disaster management plans are prepared and mainstreamed.

In 2019-20, as part of the Annual Plan, it was decided to conduct specific targeted virtual cadre training for 8 departments. Accordingly, 3 days each training has been imparted between 11-11-2019 and 20-11-2019 to the virtual cadre officers from Irrigation, Kerala Water Authority, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Land Revenue, Mining and Geology, Soil Conservation and Health.