The members of the Army are ready to volunteer for any disaster in the state. One hundred people are trained as a volunteer. The members of the army are aged 16-65. Their education or physical fitness does not preclude them from joining the army. Troops will receive training from various forces in the state on how to respond and act in the event of a disaster. More than 700 trainers from the police, fire brigade, disaster management and forest departments are being trained.


The Social Volunteer Force was formed with the help of the State Disaster Management Authority, learning from the past disasters faced by Kerala. The public was first provided with the facility to register to form a volunteer force. They were also given training through a mobile app. Over 700 key trainers from the police, forest department, fire brigade and state disaster management authority will train members of the force in the coming days. The District Disaster Management Authority will act as the District Collector to assess the situation in each district.


The call centers set up in the capital and at the district and local levels were staffed by community volunteers. Volunteers were active participants in all areas, including community kitchens, essential items, medicines, vegetable seeds, bananas and other items, books and blood donations. Members of the community volunteered around the clock, working with health workers, police and firefighters 24 hours a day. The background of the members of the Social Volunteer Force was assessed in collaboration with the local self-governing bodies and the police. It was only after this that the district administration issued the identity card required for the members to work. The pass was issued to 39,000 people.

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