During the floods of 2018, many health care facilities were affected. As hospitals are critical to be of services for the communities during disasters, KSDMA launched a comprehensive hospital safety project. As part of this project, KSDMA along with UNDP, implemented various activities in 14 government hospitals, one each from every district. One of the activities was to conduct orientation programme in all the hospitals for the officials of the respective hospitals. These orientation trainings supported the hospitals to prepare hospital disaster management plans. Geo Hazards International facilitated the technical training. District wise reports may be found below.


Sl # District Hospital Name Date No: of participants Meeting minutes of Hospital Safety Orientation Draft DM Plan
1 Ernakulam General Hospital 20-11-2019 52 Click Here Click Here
2 Thrissur District Hospital 21-11-2019 98 Click Here Click Here
3 Malapuram District Hospital 22-11-2019 38 Click Here Click Here
4 Palakkad District Hospital 23-11-2019 104 Click Here Click Here
5 Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital 25-11-2019 33 Click Here Click Here
6 Kollam District Hospital 29-11-2019 78 Click Here Click Here
7 Pathanamthitta General Hospital 30-11-2019 59 Click Here Click Here
8 Kozhikode General Hospital 30-11-2019 45 Click Here Click Here
9 Wayanad District Hospital 02-12-2019 65 Click Here Click Here
10 Idukki District Hospital 02-12-2019 55 Click Here Click Here
11 Kannur General Hospital 03-12-2019 60 Click Here Click Here
12 Kottayam General Hospital 03-12-2019 41 Click Here Click Here
13 Kasaragod General Hospital 04-12-2019 50 Click Here Click Here
14 Alapuzha General Hospital 04-12-2019 24 Click Here Click Here


KSDMA initiated hospital safety project in close coordination with the Health Department. In the year 2012, Health department had framed the first departmental disaster management plan in the State. In the year 2014, KSDMA conducted a state wide Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the Health Sector, facilitated by Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services.

Following this TNA, KSDMA, with the support of UNDP trained Chief Medical Officers of hospitals located adjacent to highway corridors in December 2015. Funding was provided to Kerala State Institute of Health & Family Welfare (KSIHFW) for conducting training and capacity building for medical and para-medical officers and functionaries in the State on Disaster Management and the need of Hospital Safety Plan.

Post 2018 floods, a comprehensive hospital safety project was implemented with the support of UNDP in 14 hospitals, one from each district. Training on hospital safety, formation of hospital safety committee, preparation of hospital safety plan etc were carried out in these hospitals. State Level Consultation on Hospital Safety and Disaster Management was held on 20th July 2019 with the representatives from 14 hospitals selected for the programme in partnership with the KSIHFW. Virtual Cadre Officers of health department were trained in the year 2019.