1. Report on Training on Basic Life Support and First Aid Skill held on 29/04/2022. Report
  2. Report on IAG Coordination meeting held on 8/04/2022. Report
  3. Report on Training on Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Inclusive Contingency Planning for Emergency Preparedness & Response with District IAGs -Kerala held on 23rd, 24th  March  2022. Report
  4. Report on Training Program on Emergency Operations for District Emergency Operations Centres held on 18 th , 19 th March 2022. Report
  5. Table Top Exercise on Flood Response held on 10-3-2022 and State Wide Field Mock Exercise on Floods and Landslide Response held on 16-3-2022.  Report
  6. Training Program Report on Application of Remote Sensing For Disaster Management held on March 21st 2022. Report
  7. Report on State Level Online Training Program on Forest Fire Management for Nodal Departments, LSGs and Stakeholders on 17/03/2022. Report 
  8. Table Top Exercise on Flood Response held on 10-3-2022, 14:30 hrs IST to 17:30 hrs IST and State Wide Field Mock Exercise on Floods and Landslide Response held on 16-3-2022, 14:00 hrs IST to 16:30 hrs IST. Report
  9. Report of training program given to Aapta Mitra Training Volunteers held 0n 16 th – 18 th March 2022. Report
  10. Report on  District level School safety Training Programme for Pathanamthitta District on 03/03/2022. Report
  11. Report on District level School safety sensitization programme, Thrissur District held on 21/02/2022. Report
  12. Report on School Safety Sensitization Program for Wayanad District on 10/02/2022. Report
  13. Report on Fire Safety Awareness Program conducted on 8/02/2022. Report
  14. Report on Training program for NSS Volunteers on 03/02/2022. Report 
  15. Report of Satheerthyan – II conducted from 25 th – 27 th February 2022. Report
  16. Five day training program Report on the Guidelines for International Disaster Risk Reduction conducted on 14-18 February 2022. Report
  17. Report on Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk reduction training conducted on 4-5 January 2022. Report