Vide Ltr. No. 24121/K1/2014/DMD dated 22-05-2014 all District Disaster Management Authorities were directed to create District Emergency Operations Centres (DEOC) with 24 X 7 staff of Revenue, Police (with Police VHF access) and Fire & Rescue Services. This was reiterated vide Ltr. No. 29426/K1/2015/DMD dated 02-06-2015 and Ltr. No. 26378/K1/2016/DMD dated 05-05-2016. The State Executive Committee, in its meeting held on 29th January 2015 approved the ESFP, 2015 vide which necessary minimum requirements for the creation of the DEOCs were formalized. The DEOCs functions in a 100 m2 floor area in close proximity to the Office of the District Collector in the respective collectorates. The DEOCs of Wayanad, Ernakulam and Idukki are linked to SEOC vide VSAT terminals funded under the National Disaster Management Services Project of NDMA. All DEOCs are equipped with Satellite Phones.

All DEOCs have one Hazard Analyst appointed. Presently the posts of Hazard Analysts of Kasargode, Kannur, Malappuram and Pathanamthitta Districts are vacant.

Mrs. Rajalakshmi Radhakrishnan
M.Sc (Integrated) Climate Change Adaptation
Hazard Analyst, DEOC Trivandrum
sreeja Dr. Sreeja M.U
M.Sc Disaster Management, BAMS
Hazard Analyst, DEOC Kollam
  Hazard Analyst Pathanamthitta (Vacant)
chintu Mrs. Chinthumol C
M.Sc. Geology
Hazard Analyst, DEOC Alappuzha

athulya Mrs. Athulya Thomas
Masters in Public Health, B.Sc Nursing
Hazard Analyst, DEOC Kottayam
Mr. Rajeev T.R
M.Sc Geography, PG Dip. GIST
Hazard Analyst, DEOC Idukki
Anjali Mrs. Anjali Parameswaran
M.Sc Disaster Management
Hazard Analyst, DEOC Ernakulam
  Mrs. Susmy Sunny
M.Sc Geology
Hazard Analyst, DEOC Thrissur
Mrs. Shilpa C
Masters in Social work 
Hazard Analyst, DEOC Palakkad
  Hazard Analyst Malappuram (Vacant)
Mrs. Ashwathy P
M.Sc. Geoinformatics
Hazard Analyst, DEOC Kozhikode
Mr. Arun Peter
M.Sc. Disaster Management
Hazard Analyst, DEOCWayanad
  Hazard Analyst Kannur (Vacant)
  Hazard Analyst Kasaragod (Vacant(