The State Emergency Operations Center supports the State Relief Commissioner in coordinating disaster response. In times of Crisis, the SEOC facilitates interagency response. Depending on the crisis, officers of respective stakeholder departments are offered space in the Fusion Centre and data from various sources are collected, collated and presented for the SRC to take appropriate decisions.

Functions of KSEOC are well laid in the Orange Book of Disaster Management 1 – Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) & Emergency Supports Functions Plan (ESFP).

Full scale operations of KSEOC with staff from other departments are activated in the following circumstances:
• More than one District becomes involved in an incident
• A District Incident Commander indicates the incident could expand rapidly, involve cascading effects, or require additional resources
• A similar incident led to EOC activation in the past
• The Head of EOC recommends EOC activation
• The SRC recommends EOC activation
• An incident is imminent, such as cyclone warnings, flood warning, predictions of hazardous weather, elevated threat levels
• Events described in the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) occur
• Significant impacts to the population are anticipated
Emergency time duty staff are from Police, Police Telecommunications, Fire & Rescue Services, National Disaster Response Force, Central Forces, Water Resources Department and Local Self Government Department