Government of Kerala decided to prepare local disaster prevention strategies vide GO (Ms) No. 156/2019/LSGD dated 4-12-2019 and GO (Ms) No. 157/2019/LSGD dated 5-12-2019.
Under the Rebuild Kerala Development Programme, a project titled Nammal Namukkay (we for us) was launched to enable the Local Self Governments to mainstream disaster risk reduction in the development plans vide GO (Rt) No. 499/2019/P&EA dated 26-11-2019 and GO (Ms) No. 34/2019/P & EA dated 12-12-2019. Vide GO (Rt) No. 36/2020/P&EA dated 21-1-2020, the Government allocated Rs. 1,72,28,840/- for KSDMA for additional human resource and for augmenting its facilities to implement the project.

A detailed framework, template and guidelines was prepared and published by KSEOC and KILA for LSG DM Plan preparation with the approval of Government vide GO (Ms) No. 14/2020/LSGD dated 14-1-2020, targeting the functionaries of the Local Self Governments. Virtual training was imparted. In order to review the plans prepared by the local self-governments, 14 Local Self Government DM Plan Coordinators are posted in the District Planning Offices. The project funding enabled the establishment of a Risk Lab with GIS facilities in KSEOC. Further, human resource augmentation was also provided KSEOC under the project.