As per GO (Ms) No. 6/2018/DMD dated 2-06-2018, a disaster vulnerability linked relocation scheme was announced for those living along the coast line. The scheme is to assist families in the coastal areas, who lost their House and Property due to coastal erosion, as per which they may avail upto a maximum of Rs. 6 lakhs for purchasing 3 to 5 cents of land and Rs. 4 lakhs for the construction of a house with the condition that the beneficiary family should relocate beyond 50 meters from the high tide line.

Subsequently vide GO (Ms) No. 7/2018/DMD dated 21-06-2018 and GO (Ms) No. 25/2019/DMD dated 23-8-2019, the scheme was extended to other hazard prone areas of the State whereby if a land parcel with house is identified by a competent technical authority such as, Geological Survey of India, Irrigation Department, Mining and Geology Department, Soil Conservation Department or such other technical departments or committee constituted by KSDMA or DDMA, as hazard prone and certified as not liveable, the legal owner of the house and land is eligible for Rs. 6 lakhs to purchase a minimum of 3 cents of safe land and he/she will be eligible for Rs. 4 lakhs to construct a new house. If one avails this option, the beneficiary is not anymore permitted to construct any building in his/her ‘non-liveable land’.